St. Joseph County Jail

Property Details: A 70,000 sf correctional facility established in 1961 providing both housing and rehabilitation while operating 24/7, 365 days a year. Home to 165 inmates at capacity but has intermittent overcrowding.

Product Installed:

  • Raypak Delta Limited WH3-649 (650 MBTU input, 84% efficient)

Contractor: Fawn River Mechanical

This 70,000 sf facility has paved the way toward sustainable jail operations. With the installation of Solar Photovoltaic Panels, Solar Hot Water panels, and energy efficient washer and dryers, the Jail's energy costs were reduced. In addition to the energy savings measures, additional efficiency measures were considered. With the assistance of Performance Engineering Group providing a full review and diagnosis of the solar thermal installation, the addition of a Raypak 84% Efficient Delta Limited Water Heater now utilizes the water preheated by the run. This not only makes the most of the solar hot water system, but also requires less energy to meet high temperature demands. More savings!