24/7 Commercial HVAC Product Support Services Throughout Michigan

Our service department is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you with all of your service needs, including emergencies. 

Our sales force is specifically trained to understand both the contractor's and the owner’s needs. We can be counted on to recommend the appropriate product every time. Performance Engineering Group's specialty is evaluating existing HVAC systems, comparing that information with the desires of ownership, and designing a hot water solution that makes the best sense. Our goal is to provide our clients with a choice of system types that will meet their needs, providing appropriate and robust choices in technology and price points.

Environmental Impact and Energy Savings

Performance Engineering Group has built a strong reputation as an expert in energy/resource conservation, a key focus of our company. We guide our clients in designing the most effective commercial water heating systems and processes for their particular applications, all while conserving important resources. Clients appreciate the strategic consulting that Performance Engineering Group provides and for which we are known. Not order takers, we conduct detailed analyses and make solid suggestions to create a better and more cost-effective, energy-efficient environment for our clients. 

We evaluate:

  • The building as it is today — its purposes, daily uses and population.
  • Owners’ current and future needs.
  • Past gas and water consumption history.
  • Points of use, amount of capacity and the delivery system that connects the two together.
  • Whether occupants are comfortable.

Once we complete our evaluation, we can create a long-term upgrade and phased equipment transition plan.

Steam Conversion

If you have an older building that uses steam heating, we offer a wide range of options to convert steam heating to hot water heating, even when you do not have an existing boiler room. At Performance Engineering Group, our history of making steam go away is due to our use of many different applications and the systems that we design to direct the steam appropriately. As a result, we attain for our clients higher levels of efficiency, comfort, control and savings.

Radiant Heat and Snow Melt Design 

Performance Engineering Group also designs radiant floor heating and snow melting systems. Radiant floor heating conserves energy and provides a higher comfort level, which leads to increased productivity. Snow melting eliminates the need for chemicals, and protects the landscape while reducing owner liability.

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