ROBUR - Cooling | Performance Engineering Group in Livonia, MI - 1762_n_ROBUR_Gas_Absorption_Heat_Pump_GAHP-ARCooling and heating with a unique gas fired high efficiency unit. Robur GAHP-AR is the first air-source water-ammonia absorption heat pump. By using natural gas as the primary energy source it supplies hot water up to 140 °F or chilled water down to 37.4 °F. The same unit is suitable for heating or cooling by reversing the absorption cycle, using the outside air for heat rejection in cooling mode and as a heat source in heating mode. The gas efficiency at rated conditions is 126% in heating mode. As a general efficiency feature, in moderate climate areas (about twice the heating load versus cooling load) the gas savings during the heating season can offset the gas consumption normally required during the cooling season. The AR series offers a wide variety of convenient applications, for instance: air conditioning systems for light commercial, industrial and residential use; single unit for both heating and cooling with low electrical power consumption; gas-based heating and cooling systems in order to achieve electrical peak shaving.

Key Features

  • Ultra efficient unit: heating efficiency at rated conditions 126%, saving up to 40% in operational costs compared to the best condensing boilers, recovering 34% of renewable energy from the air.
  • With a single machine it is also possible to provide heating, cooling and supplemental Domestic Hot Water.
  • Stable operation down to -20°F: efficiency over 100% even at -4°F.
  • Complete flexibility and modularity: to increase seasonal performance factor and total heating and cooling capacity.
  • 87% reduction in electrical power requirement (0.75 kWe for 120,400 BTU/h of heating output or 57,700 BTU/h of cooling output), compared with traditional electrical compression systems.
  • Single Phase Power.
  • For applications requiring standby power, the electric generator size and electric output will be considerably lower.
  • High Reliability due to few moving parts inside the unit.
  • Easy Maintenance, similar to gas fired boilers.
  • No Water Consumption. No need for cooling tower (no problems associated with legionella).
  • No use of Harmful Refrigerants.
  • Outdoor Installation.
  • No comfort reduction during defrosting cycles: the unit supplies about 50% of its total heating capacity.

Brochure, Use & Care Manual, Spec Sheet


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