Trinity Lutheran Church and School

Property Details: The church and school in Sturgis, Michigan provides Christian outreach and fellowships as well as academic excellence in the community.

Products Installed:

  • (2) Raypak XFyre (850 MBTU input condensing heating boilers, 94% thermal efficiency)
  • Raypak TempTracker Mod+ controller

Contractor: Fawn River Mechanical 

Sturgis, Michigan became home to the Trinity Lutheran congregation in 1863 and added the pre-K to eighth-grade school by 1989. The variety of programs offered in numerous areas of the church and school year round provided a challenge to the congregation. They needed to support the heating requirements of these programs while saving energy and containing expenses.

Replacing their 1963 cast iron boiler, which had an output rating of 3,910 MBTUH, with two Raypak XFyre condensing boilers, with output ratings of 799 MBTUH each, downsized the heating system by 60% but still providing 100% redundancy. This strategy continues to save energy, save money, and provide comfort for Trinity Lutheran's ministry and students.