185 room full service hotel upgrading major heating components. PEG worked with Goyette Mechanical to transform the hotel's heating plant.

The hotel had (3) separate Raypak systems installed nearly 20 years prior and as part of the
corporate philosophy, they update on a predetermined life cycle. One of the domestic hot
water systems was recently updated with an exact replacement pair of Raypak WH-1631
atmospheric boilers. The hotel heating system uses water source heat pumps that
incorporated (2) Raypak H3-1468, atmospheric heating boilers to maintain the heating loop
at 86 degrees for the low temperature heat pump loop during the heating season, and the
ownership wanted to examine higher efficiency options. PEG propose the newest line of
Raypak boilers, the XVers stainless steel firetube boiler as the solution for the renovation.
The (2) H7-1506 heating boilers would boost the heating plant efficiency by nearly 18%, and
would qualify for $9,000 in utility rebates