Product and summary:

  • Water Closets, faucets and shower heads – all water saving controls.
  • Domestic Hot Water – Intellihot instantaneous, 94 % efficient condensing, modulated series boiler units regulating hot water as demand increased, no wasted hot water storage.
  • Building hot water to mechanical equipment – 95% efficiency modulating condensing boilers providing hot water heat as demand increases, no stand by losses. Pump sizes and motor horsepower were reduced by nearly 60%. The new pump motors are also ECM type with integral VFD and with this design, will eliminate over two thirds of the current electrical pump energy.
  • Based on our design the project was eligible for over $20,000 in rebates. Anticipated energy savings will be 25% per year over the existing systems.
  • Pool Boiler and pumps were replaced with high efficiency ones; all new piping was installed eliminating costly water leaks.

Contractors: Plumb Tech Inc. and Garland Mechanical

A local landmark hotel, The Kingsley Inn underwent a total transformation into the beautiful Double Tree by Hilton Bloomfield – Detroit. Performance Engineering Group teamed up with Plumb-Tech, Garland Mechanical, and ownership to completely renovate the hotel mechanical systems. There were three existing mechanical rooms, and much of the original mechanical infrastructure was still in service. Many of the systems were non-redundant and a huge point of vulnerability for sustained operations. Performance Engineering Group worked with contracting team and ownership to revise concept drawings that were issued at the project inception. Renovation measures of the existing Kingsley Inn into the Double Tree Hotel incorporated energy saving designs to the mechanical and electrical systems.