Products Installed:

Performance Engineering Group teamed up with Engineered Comfort Solutions and Rockford
Construction to renovate and transform the hotels mechanical systems. In 2018 the team replaced the domestic water booster pump station with a Grundfos Dual pump solution using integrated VFD drive technologies, and a Wessels accumulator tank to reduce system cycling. The result was a reduction in electrical consumption by 95% for pump operation. In 2019 converted the 4,000 MBH low pressure steam heating system over to a high efficiency hydronic heating system with:

  • 3 Raypak XFIIRE H7-800 condensing stainless steel boilers, 800 MBH input each, saving more than 30% of gas used for building heat
  • 2 Grundfos MAGNA3 365-150 dual head system pumps replaced (3) base mounted end suction pumps saving 60% of electrical consumption, and providing simplified piping and system switch over from heating to cooling mode.  Also made for easier conversion to a water source heat pump system as a second phase of the project.
  • 1 Raypak H7-300 XFIIRE, 300 MBH condensing stainless steel boiler was added for the hydronic heating loop in the lobby and the lower level that were extensively renovated.
  • 1 Intellihot iQ1501 high efficiency instantaneous, domestic hot water system, with 1,500 MBH input that replaced a singe hot water boiler with (4) 120-gallon storage tanks.  Along with integrated redundancy and improved system reliability provided by the Intellihot system, they anticipate energy savings of nearly 30% on natural gas consumption for water heating as well.

Contractors: Engineered Comfort Solutions and Rockford Construction