Presbyterian Village- Pratt Rehabilitation Center

Property Details: 25- bed senior care facility providing all-day year-round care to the residents. Residents stay while recovering from cardiac, stroke, surgery, and fracture situations and receive personalized, intimate care.

Product Installed:

  • Raypak XFyre 500 (500 MBTU input, 94% efficient condensing boiler)
  • Raypak Hybrid Control System

Contractor: Expert Mechanical Service, Inc. 

The existing space heating system consisted of two 1,050 MBTU Ajax water tube boilers; one was primary the other was back up in the event of a boiler failure. By replacing one of these boilers with a Raypak XFrye, 94% efficient, 500 MBTU boiler, the center reduced overall input capacity by 50%. The natural gas consumption has been reduced by over 33% since the upgrade.