St. Joseph Health Care- Tawas Hospital

Property Details: 24-hour care facility

Product Installed: 

  • (4) Raypak XTherm (96% efficient condensing boilers, 1,999 MBTU each)
  • Raypak Hybrid Control Systems

Contractor: Remer Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Standard hospital protocol requires that St. Joseph Health Care is prepared for a fuel interruption. Updating their system to 96% efficient Raypak XTherm natural gas boilers as their main heating source, and keeping the current fuel oil-fired boilers as the backup will allow them to meet their needs in case of a fuel interruption. 

The Raypak Hybrid Control System allows the new and old boilers to work together and monitors the supply water temperatures on both applications. 



We have worked with Performance Engineering Group going on 20 years now. Over the years, we have installed over 200 pieces of their equipment. They have been very easy to work with and have always given us great service. Mary Marble, Marble Mechanical Service, LLC