Presbyterian Village- Pratt Rehabilitation Center

Property Details: 25- bed senior care facility providing all-day year-round care to the residents. Residents stay while recovering from cardiac, stroke, surgery, and fracture situations and receive personalized, intimate care.

Product Installed:

  • Raypak XFyre 500 (500 MBTU input, 94% efficient condensing boiler)
  • Raypak Hybrid Control System

Contractor: Expert Mechanical Service, Inc. 

The existing space heating system consisted of two 1,050 MBTU Ajax water tube boilers; one was primary the other was back up in the event of a boiler failure. By replacing one of these boilers with a Raypak XFrye, 94% efficient, 500 MBTU boiler, the center reduced overall input capacity by 50%. The natural gas consumption has been reduced by over 33% since the upgrade. 


We have worked with Performance Engineering Group going on 20 years now. Over the years, we have installed over 200 pieces of their equipment. They have been very easy to work with and have always given us great service. Mary Marble, Marble Mechanical Service, LLC