Cranbrook Schools

Property Details: Cranbrook Schools is a private, PK–12 preparatory school located on a 319-acre campus in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Product(s) Installed:

  • Raypak Boilers:   
    • (4) Raypak MVB Boilers (2,000 MBH Input each, 87% Thermal Efficiency)
    • (1) Raypak MVB Boiler (753 MBH Input, 87% Thermal Efficiency)
    • (1) Raypak MVB Boiler (1,500 MBH Input, 87% Thermal Efficiency)
    • (1) Raypak XTherm Boiler (1,500 MBH Input, 96% Thermal Efficiency)
  • Thaw-PakTM Hydronic Snow Melt System
  • (4) Steam to Glycol Skid mounted systems used on entrance steps/stairs
  • Tekmar Controls

Contractors: Goyette Mechanical  (gas hot water boiler powered systems), Bumler Mechanical (steam to hot water powered systems)

Cranbrook Schools is a collection of buildings that date back to the early 1900’s located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  The beautiful grounds and buildings are extensive and use a great deal of limestone, blue stone and brick pavers for walking surfaces.  There are several systems distributed throughout the campus, many of which use the campus steam system as the heating source.  The larger central campus has over 50,000 sf of walkways covered that use dedicated high efficiency boilers to provide safe walking conditions for the students and staff.  Products used are (4) H7-2003, (1) H7-753, and (1) H71503 Raypak MVB 87% efficient boilers; (1) H7-1505 Raypak XTherm 96% efficient boiler; as well as multiple custom fabricated Steam to Glycol Skid mounted systems for steps.

We have worked with Performance Engineering Group going on 20 years now. Over the years, we have installed over 200 pieces of their equipment. They have been very easy to work with and have always given us great service. Mary Marble, Marble Mechanical Service, LLC