Park Forest Apartment

Property Details: Located in Jackson, Michigan it is an affordable, senior housing facility. 

Products Installed:

  • (18) Robur natural gas-fired heat pumps (121% AHRI rated heating efficiency)
  • (4) Robur natural gas Heat Recovery Chillers 
  • Intellihot iQ 1001

Contractor: William E. Walter 

The original building mechanical systems had not been updated for more than 20 years. The heating and cooling systems consisted of 22 gas-fired absorption chillers with gas hydronic boilers, all distributed on the building roof. The equipment age and ongoing maintenance was making occupant comfort a primary concern. The existing configuration made the systems vulnerable to outage by the failure of a single component. This caused them to receive pressure from the federal congressman that represents their area to update the equipment. A year after installing the new systems, the facility was nominated for a Governor's Energy Excellence Award as the systems saved them over $22,000 in electric and natural gas costs and cutting their natural gas usage by 31% from the previous year and their electricity usage by 52% from the previous year.