Friendship Manor

Property Details: Senior Apartment Building in East Lansing Michigan

Product(s) Installed:

  • (4) Gas-fired Robur Heat Recovery Chillers
  • (18) Gas-fired Robur Heat Pumps (121% AHRI rated heating efficiency)
  • Intellihot Instantaneous Hot Water Boiler (iQ1001, 1,001 MBTUH, 94% Thermal Efficiency)
  • Paco Pumps
  • Grundfos Pumps
  • Triangle Tube Indirect DHW Tank

Contractor: William E Walter Co.

Friendship Manor in Lansing is a 170 unit, senior housing facility. The original building mechanical systems had not been updated for more than 20 years. The six heating and cooling systems consisted of 22 gas-fired absorption chillers with gas hydronic boilers, all distributed on the building roof and supplied 30 apartments each.  These were reduced to 3 systems supplying 60 apartments each, using a combination of Robur gas-fired absorption heat pumps and Robur chillers with heat recovery to bolster the domestic hot water system. A total of 110 tons of cooling. In addition, an Intellihot instantaneous 1,001 MBTU domestic hot water boiler replaced the aging boilers and storage tank that were in place.