The city of East Grand Rapids, Michigan worked with M.C. Smith Associates to create a downtown hub that would appeal to locals and visitors alike. This quaint west Michigan community is prone to sudden lake effect snow squalls, and the city wanted to assure safe passage for all who came to visit the unique retail section known as Gaslight Village.

The project began taking shape in April of 2005 and was completed and operational in time for the post Thanksgiving shopping period. The original plan created by the city and Smith Associates, involved a building to house the heating system and associated components.

Performance Engineering Group and River City Mechanical teamed up to deliver a complete system that allowed the city to eliminate the building by using Raypak Outdoor Boilers. The savings from the elimination of the building allowed the city to extend the system and incorporate several energy saving options in the system.

The system covers three city blocks, and has over 56,000 lineal feet of PEX tubing installed throughout the area.