Property Details:

Alpha Metal Finishing has been a family-owned company since 1976.  For over 45 years, they have offered high volume and job-shop finishing services, as well as research and development for your most challenging finish projects.

Product Installed: 

Hamilton Package of (2) EVO Duo Heating Boilers 630,000 BTU each on pre-piped stand.


Trusted Heating & Cooling

Alpha Metal Finishing was experiencing issues caused by incorrect pumping and cycling due to oversizing.  The system was replaced with (2) Hamilton EVO Duo Heating Boilers, right sizing from 2,000,000 BTU to 1,200,000 which increased their turndown from 400,000 BTU to 120,000 BTU thus increasing efficiency by 15-20 percent.  Improved temperature management was accomplished by added zone pumping and properly decoupled primary and secondary piping.