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Understanding the performance of the building before spending dollars on new equipment....More

Performance Engineering Group (PEG), a distributor for Thermodynamic Process Control (TPC), saves Detroit Country Day Schools (Country Day) upfront costs and system capacity by understanding the performance of the building before spending dollars on new equipment.

Prior to putting the replacement of the Upper School’s heating and domestic water system out for bid, Country Day decided to be proactive and work with PEG to install a unique intelligent control called a TPC Flow IntelligenceTM system (TPC Control). 

Read more about how installing this TPC Control on your current equipment can help you save money on new equipment.

TPC Control


Flood Damaged Boilers....More

GAMA recommends all flood-damaged boilers be
REPLACED, NOT REPAIRED, for safety reasons.

Read recommendation

Performance Engineering Group improves Apartment Cap Rates!....More

River Bend Apartments are located in the city of Westland, MI.  The complex is comprised of 26 low rise multi-unit buildings housing 394 apartments and 31 townhouses. The community also includes many amenities from two in- ground pools to a newly opened fitness center.  The owners were concerned about system failure as nearly all the boiler systems were over 40 years of age and had long passed their projected life span of 35 years. The out of date systems coupled with the desire to reduce costs were prime motivators to replace the heating system.

Performance Engineering Group’s system resizing and equipment upgrade produced incredible improved system efficiency and energy utilization. In addition, reducing energy consumption improved both the profitability and value of the property.  According to ENERGY STAR, a 10% decrease in energy use could lead to a 1.5% increase in net operating income (NOI), and the potential to increase NOI even more as the energy savings grow.  The reduced energy consumption not only increased the River Bend’s NOI, it also improved its Capitalization Rate.  The interrelationship between the two is important to investors. River Bend’s decision to upgrade the heating system added significant value to the entire property and increased cash flow.

To view this case study click on link below.

River Bend Apartments

Partnering for Success - Multifamily Properties....More

Princeton Enterprises, LLC, based in southeast Michigan, is a full service property management company specializing in purchasing and reinvigorating properties including commercial, medical, storage, and multifamily dwellings.  Princeton excels at turning around distressed assets in challenging rental markets and improving operating performance. This approach has led to an important partnership with Performance Engineering Group (PEG).

Princeton Management’s growing inventory of multifamily properties includes inheriting outdated or inefficient boilers and some buildings contain heating systems simply too large for the space. PEG works with Princeton Management to investigate and analyze each multifamily building’s heating equipment and develop a customized plan for every building. The investigation includes researching available rebates from the utility companies.  The analyses and plans are completed without a commitment to purchase. With Princeton’s ever-increasing inventory, PEG believes it is important to have a plan that can be utilized when funds are available or performance necessary as well as identifying cost savings upfront from available utility rebates.  This analysis and planning has helped to develop a successful partnership.  Management companies do not always have the funds available to do everything at one time.  It is important to have a plan in place, therefore, if an emergency arises, the most efficient and effective solutions have already been identified.  According to Fabio Giske, Princeton’s Director of Facilities Management, that is always a win for his company.  Fabio Giske sees the partnership between Princeton and PEG not simply continuing, but “getting stronger.”

To view this case study click on link below.

Princeton Partnership

REBATES! Performance Engineering Group, a Consumers Energy Business Solutions Trade Ally....More


Maximize your heating & cooling efficiency and savings

New prescriptive measures have been added to the Consumers Energy Rebate Program to make it easier to receive an incentive on high-efficiency boilers.

Ready to begin your project but don’t know where to start?

Performance Engineering Group, located in Michigan, is one of the Business Solutions Trade Allies.  Trade Allies are energy professionals who sign up to be part of the program and who regularly attend training on the processes and procedures of the Consumers Energy Business Solutions Energy Efficiency rebate programs.  We help our commercial and industrial customers install energy-efficiency improvements and apply for Business Solutions incentives.  You don’t need to be a heating & cooling expert to earn incentives for your business.  We will work with you every step of the way to get the savings you deserve.

For more information about the program call us at 734-266-5300 and visit the Consumers Energy link below.

Consumers Energy Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

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REBATES! Performance Engineering Group, a Consumers Energy Business Solutions Trade Ally.
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